"You Just ate a death cookie!" - Celiac Disease made a special guest appearance on TV!

It is not everyday Celiac Disease makes its way onto TV without being the butt end of a joke.  In a episode titled "Nurses Day" of The Resident on Fox (Season 3), Celiac Disease became a focal point of one of the medical cases. Well, maybe not the focal point, but one of the causes of a patients issue.

A horse jockey came into the ER with a broken bone.  After x-rays they determined he had low bone density that was causing easy bone breaks.  The doctors could not figure out what was happening.

That was until his wife passed by some cookies in the ER and turned to her husband and said "You ate a death cookie!". 

What was determined was that this patient that already knew they had Celiac Disease was purposely eating cookies with gluten to flare up their Celiac and get ill in hopes of losing weight.  That part is the "uggg don't go their with Celiac Disease".  However Dr. Pravesh explained that every time the patient ate gluten, his body could not absorb proper nutrients, which was causing his bones to become weak and more frail.  Which makes total sense for Celiac Disease. 

Amanda's nutrient deficiency was iron, and she was always sleepy until she was diagnosed and cut off gluten.

I recorded part of the scene off my phone where they find out that the patient was cheating on his gluten free diet and sacrificing his Celiac Disease for his career.  Check it out below.


Gluten Free Bun or Lettuce Wrap hamburger?

So there are lots of restaurants that do offer a gluten free bun.  It is actually really easy to find.  Most major restaurants carry an option and have no fillers in their beef patties.

With that being said most fast food places don't actually have a bun.  But did you know you can get a lettuce wrap at most places?

Fast food restaurants in Edmonton like Wendy's, McDonald's and A&W will have a lettuce wrap for you or even serve it on a bed of salad.

Here are two options (You may need to click on the post to open it up).

Wendy's serves in a container on lettuce:

Fat Burger which is considered fast casual also does not have a gluten free bun, but they do a good lettuce wrap, with nice crisp lettuce.

Lets give our kids some credit

My oldest daughter has taught me that we sometimes don't give kids enough credit as they deserve when it comes to protecting themselves from any food allergies, sensitivities, or intolerance.

Our house has become quite complicated lately.  My wife Amanda is the person with Celiac in our house and is the reason why I started gluten free Edmonton.

At age 2, my daughter was presented with food allergy symptoms and is not allergic to nuts.

I have been battling bloating and am now working with a dietitian to follow an elimination diet (FODMAP), to determine where my intolerance are.  I won't go into detail about FODMAP, but to get the gist of it, you eliminate gluten, and other high fructose, items like garlic, onions, creams, lactose, apples etc for 2 to 8 weeks.  Then you introduce one item back a day determining what your body can tolerate and what it can't.  It is a long process.

My kids are only 5-7, and although our family is familiar with eating gluten free, not eating dairy, onions garlic and a whole lot of other foods and ingredients has been tough.

But just like any change, I have my support system.  Amanda and our kids.  When Amanda is not already, my kids have been amazing at helping me with this transition.  Even eating out, making sure I order something with no dairy, no ketchup (it has garlic etc.).  They have been great.

My daughter also handles her nut allergy quite maturely well for a 7 year old.  Especially at birthday parties where you think disappointment will come in around cakes and treats.  But usually when we pick her up, she tells us that she skipped the cake because she wasn't sure if it was nut free, and just eats more of some of the snacks that were available.  She knows she doesn't want to harm herself.

Also we hear all the time from her friends parents that if they had peanut butter in the morning, that they demand that they have to go and wash their mouth and hands before they go to school to not hurt their friend.  

Some people may look at these intolerance as inconvenient, but others, like these kids, don't.  I think they take it more seriously than some adults.  

Simply put, they don't want to hurt their friend.

Lets give our kids, other kids some credit and confident that they can make the right choices to eat safely with a Celiac Diagnosis, a nut allergy, a dairy intolerance and whatever.  These kids are going to be off on their own eventually, so it probably couldn't hurt for them to start to make the right choices and learn how to ask the right questions early on in the journey.


I've been at my same job for 10 years helping others and love it!

Most of you that know me, know that the Gluten Free Edmonton community that I've tried to build with this blog, social media and support groups has been important to me to support the up's and downs my wife Amanda and our family went through and continue to go through after her Celiac Diagnosis.

What most of you don't know is that I have a full time job as a Web & Social Manager for the Canadian Patient Safety Institute, a national healthcare organization funding by Health Canada working to make care safer when you interact with the healthcare system.  I have been working there for 10 years and loving it!

My oldest daughter once asked me "Daddy, what do you do when you go to work?"  So I told her, "You know how mummy and me always tell you to clean your hands because germs are not for sharing...... well, I also tell that to people that work in hospitals or doctors offices, or even to people that are sick and going to see a doctor to help make sure they don't get more sick"

I would love for you to read a little bit more about what I do at my day job in this article I was interviewed for by my employer: "#SuperSHIFTERS - Abisaac Saraga ignites CPSI’s social media presence"

After you've read the article check out some of these great tip sheets and checklists to help you at your next visit to the doctor, pharmacist or other care provider:

Looking for more support in the Celiac & Gluten Free Community?

May is Celiac Awareness Month - Here's what's happening in Edmonton

The Canadian Celiac Association Edmonton Chapter and others are hosting events across the city in May.  Check these out.

🌟May 2, 2019 - Display Royal Alexandra Hospital Atrium

Check out the booth display and ask volunteers at the Canadian Celiac Association Edmonton Chapter about Celiac Disease and the gluten free diet.

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🌟May 3, 2019 - Kaye Resource Centre – Display

Check out the booth display and ask volunteers at the Canadian Celiac Association Edmonton Chapter about Celiac Disease and the gluten free diet.

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🌟May 3, 2019 - Celiac Awareness Month Launch at Kinnikinnick Fresh

Join the Canadian Celiac Association Edmonton Chapter at Kinnikinnick Fresh store in Edmonton to Launch Celiac Awareness Month 2019 with some delicious samples!

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🌟May 4, 2019 - City Market Downtown - Display

Check out the booth display and ask volunteers at the Canadian Celiac Association Edmonton Chapter about Celiac Disease and the gluten free diet.

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🌟May 4, 2019 - Kick-off Buffet Supper @ Nan's Gluten Free Diner

Canadian Celiac Association Edmonton Chapter for a buffet feast to kick-off May Celiac Awareness Month at one of Edmonton’s only 100% Gluten-free restaurant!

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🌟 May 16, 2019 - Healthy Celiac Children @ Jerry Forbes Centre

Join the Canadian Celiac Association Edmonton Chapter to hear two expert speakers talk about their work and current research at the Stollery’s Celiac Pediatric Clinic.

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🌟 May 16, 2019 - Light up the Bridge for Celiac Awareness Day @ High Level Bridge

Check out the High Level Bridge on May 16 as it will be lit up green in support of Celiac Awareness

🌟 May 18, 2019 - Old Strathcona Market - Display

Check out the booth display and ask volunteers at the Canadian Celiac Association Edmonton Chapter about Celiac Disease and the gluten free diet.

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🌟 May 22, 2019 - Gluten Free Brewmaster's Dinner at CRAFT Beer Market Edmonton

Join the Beer Market in support of Celiac Awareness Month for a 5 Course Custom gluten free dinner & Craft Beer Pairing

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🌟 May 25, 2019 - Gluten Free BBQ Supper @ Smokehouse BBQ

Join the Canadian Celiac Association Edmonton Chapter for this deliciously in-house smoked meat sandwich - your choice of Pulled pork or beef brisket and two sides Coleslaw and double baked potato salad.

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🌟 May 31, 2019 - Chinese Buffet Gluten Free at The Lingnan @ Lingnan Restaurant

The Canadian Celiac Association Edmonton Chapter is excited to announce the SECOND Gluten Free Chinese Buffet hosted to wrap up 2019 Celiac Awareness Month!

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