Gluten Free Friendly Restaurants in Edmonton

Gluten free takeout & delivery

Whether it being fine dining, casual dining, bar food or even just fast food, it can be difficult knowing what restaurants in Edmonton have gluten free menu options, or staff that know about Celiac Disease and their gluten free needs.

Fine dining seems to be the easiest because Chef's of that caliber are very familiar with food products, allergies and preparation.  Casual dining, and restaurant chains, usually have allergen lists in the kitchen (including Gluten) because all recipe's are designed by an executive chef and use pre-made or pre-determined recipes that are followed each time.  Fast food is typically harder because most food comes pre-made so it is harder to make adjustments.

Below is an ever expanding list of restaurants that we have researched or ate at.  Click on any of the restaurant links below to learn more about their gluten free menu's or gluten free options:

Gluten Free in Downtown Edmonton

Gluten Free on Whyte Ave / University of Alberta

Gluten Free in South Edmonton

Gluten Free in West Edmonton

Gluten Free in North Edmonton

Edmonton Wide Gluten Free Chain Restaurants

Gluten Free Catering
As a reminder, always let the staff know about your gluten free dietary restrictions and ask the staff about proper gluten free food preparation to avoid any cross contamination.

Hope this list of Gluten Free Friendly Restaurants in Edmonton helps!