More gluten free from Royal Coach Dining Room at Chateau Louis Hotel

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Executive Chef Lorne Soles for the Royal Coach Dining Room at Chateau Louis Hotel seems to care about his Celiac customers and wanted us to update our post about their gluten free menu to make sure that everyone had the most recent offers available.

She said the last time we updated the Royal Coach Dining Room was in 2013 and its nearly 2016!  So check out their current menu and note that the following are the only items NOT GLUTEN as noted by Lorne:

Lobster Samosa

Caesar salad with croutons

Chicken & Mushroom Fettuccini
Herb Gnocchi

Which leaves a tonne of items on their menu gluten free such as:
  • Shrimp and scallop rissoto
  • madras curried chicken
  • mushroom caps with crab and much more!
Royal Coach Dining Room Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Club House Gluten Free Poutine

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A few years ago Club House started to label some of their gravy mixes as gluten free, and have continued to label more and more gluten free.  Club House uses the Canadian Celiac Association Gluten Free Certification Program to verify that their mixes are gluten free.

You can see that they have quite a bit of a gluten free selection now beyond just a brown gravy:

The one with the blue boxes are all labelled as gluten free.  I noticed they have a poutine mix so I just had to try it, because I actually had never made poutine before.  Amanda picked up some cheese curds and I picked up the gluten free poutine club house mix and off we went to try it out.

Survey says we have a winner!  It was really tasty and now that I know we can make a good poutine gravy, I can try to experiment in the future with different types of poutines.

Although I typically like a straight up traditional poutine, what's your favourite "gourmet" poutine?

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What's gluten free at Tutti Frutti Breakfast and Lunch?

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In general, we heard mixed reviews about Tutti Frutti.  A soon as we heard they have gluten free options we decided to check it out first hand for lunch.

First things first, what do they have gluten free on their menu?  Plenty!  The great thing is that you are not just limited to eggs and potato.  They not only have gluten free toast available, but they will milk gluten free french toast and crepes.  Not every option can be made gluten free, but you certainly have enough options available.  Check out a picture of their menu.  Menu items that can be made gluten free are clearly marked with a circled wheat husk with a line through it.

Amanda tried one of the crepes with banana, strawberry and whip cream and season fruit on the side. 

Although it tasted good, she was a little disappointed at first because the crepe seemed more like a pancake.  But when our daughter got hers, and it was similar, we figured that is just how they made some of their crepe orders.  The food was certainly tasty and a good portion for the price you pay.  A place that we would go back to for a breakfast or brunch.

So just a few facts about Tutti Frutti; it is just a breakfast and lunch place, so it closes by 3pm every day.  Also the inconsistent review we've heard about them, was never about the food, but the service.  We did experience extremely slow service that we didn't expect.  Made it a bit challenging to fend off two hungry kiddo's while we waited 30 minute for our food.  We are hoping that was just a one time thing.

Tutti Frutti Breakfast and Lunch Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Try Mini Mango for their Vietnamese served up gluten free!

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As always, our lives are made easier when you, our followers write us reviews!  We love that you guys support our blog and help us out!  Here is a review of Mini Mango by Karla B:

If you like Vietnamese food, the place to try is Mini Mango located in Summerside.  A tiny, quaint restaurant.  Their fare is friendly to vegetarians, vegans and celiacs and they note any nuts in their foods.  I've been going there for a number of years and have never been sick.  My favorite is their Pad Thai and Salad Rolls.

Recently I ordered GF Salad Rolls and asked for the BBQ pork.  The gal took the order into the kitchen and it was checked and they immediately came out to say only the shrimp is GF.  Although the one girl didn't know, it didn't get past the kitchen! This makes me feel safe!

I have to share this gem with you.  They are so good and there are a ton of options!

You can check out their menu online which indicates menu items that are gluten free.

Mini Mango Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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