Gluten Free Edmonton is a guide to gluten free eating in Edmonton.  You can find gluten free recipes, info on gluten free products, gluten free tips, shopping restaurants, stories and more. I (Abisaac) started this blog for my wife Amanda, who was diagnosed Celiac in 2009. It has been quite the adventure learning about gluten free eating, and we want to share our stories.

Although we may be in Edmonton, Alberta, our tips and stories may be helpful for anyone on a gluten free diet. We also want to remind everyone that if you are Celiac, have a gluten sensitivity that you always read labels and ask questions of the restaurant kitchens.

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No matter what is posted here, remember to always read labels and always ask questions.  There is no guarantee that one gluten free experience is going to be the same as the next.  There is no guarantee that the manufacturer will keep the same ingredients, and there is no guarantee that all manufacturers keep a completely gluten free facility.  Be familiar with your gluten tolerance, and if it doesn't feel right, do not eat at the restaurant or purchase that product etc.

The opinions in this blog are strictly of our own and do not reflect the opinion of our employers.