Panago Pizza's Gluten Free Menu

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I am going to start off by saying, Yes, I agree, pizza places are a disaster for cross contamination.  So like any other pizza place, even though they serve a gluten free pizza, they are unable to guarantee no cross contamination.  This is true for any restaurant that is not 100% gluten free.

With that being said, we wanted some pizza and so we went to Panago Pizza.  They do a good job at keeping their menu up to date with the latest allergen info.  They break it down for their recipe specials, their sides and their individual toppings.

The other day we tried the gluten free pork carnita pizza!  I liked it, it wasn't Amanda's favorite.  She still likes the bacon cheeseburger pizza the best.

I thought it was refreshingly different with a nice pulled pork topping along with lettuce, tomato, and cheese.  I will admit, there could have been more meat on it.  I love that it was loaded with lettuce, and tomato and cheese though.

Next time we will either go back to her favorite gluten free bacon cheeseburger pizza or try the gluten free BBQ chicken.

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Gluten Free Catering Tip - Let's Talk Cross Contamination

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This is one of those posts I really wish I didn't have to do but I will.  I'm also keeping the venue name private right now because they handled everything correctly once informed.

So I didn't get the best picture of this, but in the photo below is a tray from a breakfast setup for a meeting I was attending.  The Turkey Sausage and Bacon was labelled gluten free, however and unfortunately, (and I have seen this done a lot), the sausage and bacon were put on top of slices of bread to absorb the grease instead of just using a wrack. 

Why they do this?  I am really not sure.  It can't be that expensive to just have racks that insert into the trays to lift up from the grease instead of laying in grease soaked bread.

This is not just a lesson for caterers, but a lesson for everyone that requires a gluten free diet.

For the caterers, pay attention to your process and cross contamination when you label.  If something is gluten free, but may be crossed with a shared fryer, or something like this.  Indicate it.  In this case,  noticed it before anyone that required gluten free ate it, and it was corrected and a fresh batch was offered up.  The staff were thankfully receptive, but I imagine they may not always be.

For those the customers, always talk to the wait staff, ask questions!  This is your health.  You are always eating at restaurants with caution, and eating at catered meetings at conference centers or hotels is still the same.  If the staff can't answer you, or you did not get the answers you need ask to speak with the catering or banquet manager.  Get the answers you need so you can make a good decision if the food is safe for you.

Lastly, for everyone.  Be respectful. 

Lets be respectful and understanding that not everyone understands are concerns, so lets continue to educate everyone thoughtfully and respectfully.  Lets ask the staff questions, lets listen to what they have to say and talk about it.

Lets be respectful to everyone dietary needs.  For the most part, this probably seems like an inconvenience.  Lets ask the customers about their needs, lets listen to why it is important and lets talk about it.

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Cactus Club Update on Gluten Free 2018

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We recently went on a date night to the Cactus Club at West Edmonton Mall.  Amanda has been several times with friends, but it has been a while since we went together.

Cactus Club is actually one of the first places we went to after Amanda's diagnosis of Celiac Disease.  Although the menu has changed, their ability to deliver tasty gluten free food has not.

They do have a separate gluten free menu if you ask.  They indicate what menu items are gluten free, and what the modifications are from their standard menu.  Check out their life style choices menu online which include, gluten free, vegan and vegetarian options items separated out.

What we tried this time was so delicious.  One of the newer trends are Poke Bowls.  Which is  basically deconstructed sushi/sushi in a bowl.

There is only one sauce omitted and crispy tempura from the Poke Bowl.  It is beautifully arranged with tuna, edamame, mango, avocado, cucumber, radish, lettuce and rice.  Not to mention deliciously seasoned!

Cactus Club Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Gluten Free Sweet Potato Bread Anyone?

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Okay lets be honest here.

I really wouldn't call this sweet potato bread.

Just like this isn't a steak!  No matter how you cut it and season it.

Image result for cauliflower steak


You know what?  This sweet potato bread thing works!  I just wouldn't call it bread.  It makes a great gluten free sweet substitute for bread.

All we did was slice the sweet potato and toast it!  You usually have to run it twice in the toaster to get it cooked.  Don't over do the sweet potato or it will just get too soft. It should be a little el dante so it has has some bite to it instead of being mush.  You should be able to pick it up if you want, or use a knife to cut it.

We have only tried it for breakfast.  "Made" the sweet potato slices, then added a fried egg, cheese and a slice of meet and put in the toaster oven for bake and melt the cheese.

It tastes delicious, I think it is because of the nice sweet taste of the potato. So thank you to whomever thought of this!  BUT, I wouldn't call it bread.


1 Sweet potato
2-4 eggs
2-4 slices of cheese
2-4 meet slices (ham, turkey etc.)


Slice the sweet potato into flats about a quarter inch thick.  You should be able to get 3-5 slices out of one potato

Place in toaster/toaster oven/oven.  If you use a toaster or toaster oven, you will probably have to run it twice.

While the potato is going, quickly fry up the eggs.

When potato is to desired softness (don't let it turn to mush), layer on a baking sheet sweet potato, cheese, egg and meat.  Put in oven/toaster oven and heat up to melt cheese for 2-3 minutes.


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