Red Robin has Gluten Free Buns and Gluten Free Beer!

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We are always bouncing around with which burger joint to try out.  Everyone has its advantages and disadvantages.  Some have gluten free buns, some have bed of lettuces, or lettuce wraps, some have dedicated fryer for fries, and some do not.

When it come to Red Robin, they seem to have a few good things to take advantage of:
  1. They have a gluten free bun that is pretty good.  Amanda usually elects for the lettuce wrap, but the last time we went, she decided she wanted the gluten free bun.
  2. To my knowledge (but you should always ask every visit), they have a dedicated fryer for french fries.  This is probably because they are always being made since they are bottomless fries.
  3. During our last visit we noticed (and this is kind of the clincher at being one of the best options for adults to go), is that they have gluten free beer on their menu.
Not that we by any means drink beer (gluten free or not), but we know lots of people like a cold one.  They have two gluten free beers and a cider ready to order and marked off on their drink menu.

During our last visit (we went for a lunch time date), Amanda tried something different.  She not only had the gluten free bun instead of a lettuce wrap, but she went for a chicken burger that they had on special.  Mmmmm.

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Kinnikinnick Launches Gluten Free Soft Donut!

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If you missed the 2015 Edmonton Celiac Association gluten free pancake breakfast, then you missed the world wide launch of Kinnikinnick's gluten free soft donut that will be on store shelves August 15, 2015.

You guys missed out if you didn't make it to the pancake breakfast, because these delicious donuts were coming out fresh by the tray full and seconds were welcomed!

So I had two, and almost three :-)  But I had to fight off temptation.

The try fulls of donuts were going fast at the gluten free pancake breakfast, and I know why.  They live up to their name, soft donuts (see packaging below)

Kinnikinnick's current donuts are also yummy, but more dense compared to these.  These donuts remind me of the fluffyness that Krispy Kremes had.  They don't have a full glaze,but they will come packed with a separate squeeze pack of glaze like their cinnamon buns.

So look for these on shelves, beginning August 15, 2015!

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Gluten Free Campbell's Soup Mushroom Broth

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More and more, main stream companies continue to make their products gluten free.  Or at least try to get most of their product lines gluten free.  You can now find this Mushroom Soup Broth by Campbell's marked as gluten free on grocery store shelves.

Do you have a favourite recipe you like to use with Mushroom broth?

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Denny's has a gluten free English Muffin

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Lately, we have been eating at Denny's a fair bit.  It seems to be a friendly place for a family to go for a breakfast.  There are not a ton of gluten free items available on the menu, but Amanda loved ordering an omelet with pan fried hash brown, or sometimes an egg skillet with sausage.

The last time we went, we found out that Denny's has added a gluten free English Muffin for 99 cents.

It just popped out on the menu for Amanda under the omelette section. Funny how the letters GF can appear to those who may be looking but to those who aren't it likely just goes completely unnoticed.

So for an extra 99 cents, of course Amanda tried the gluten free English Muffin.  A few things to think about.  The muffin would share a toaster if you asked for it to be toasted.  Amanda asked for it toasted, without thinking to ask about cross contamination precautions.  So be sure to ask for it to NOT be toasted.

The English Muffin also looks to be corn based.  I know a lot of people always ask if something contains corn.  We forgot to ask who makes the English Muffin, but they get their supply of regular bread from McGavin's, who does carry gluten free products from other people at their open bakeries. Amanda thinks that the GF english muffin looks similar to the one from Glutino, but we are not entirely certain.

Amanda really enjoyed the English muffin.  She just scraped the muffin as much as she could in hopes of wiping off contamination and now we know for next time, you need to and can ask for it NOT to be toasted as there is a shared toaster being used.

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Taste of Edmonton Gluten Free Options 2015

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Taste of Edmonton is just around the corner.  Starting July 16 to July 25, once again you can have gluten free friendly meal choices.

Amanda and I have gone several times over the past years and have been able to enjoy some delicious dishes.

So how do you see what is Celiac friendly?  Visit the Taste of Edmonton menu and click celiac friendly on the filters to the right.  Also look for the Celiac friendly symbol as seen above on the menu.

There does not seem to be as many options yet listed on the website, but as chefs review their menu, hopefully they will indicate more gluten free items. So what are some of the gluten free friendly items listed?
Some tips when attending Taste of Edmonton:
  • I know this may sound inconvenient, but go during off hours.  When things are hopping busy, you are most likely to come across a hectic kitchen that may cross contaminate
  • Ask Ask Ask.  The chefs may not be at their booth, so just keep on asking questions about the food until you get an answer you are comfortable with.
  • Ask Ask Ask more.  Going during off hours when there are less people, you might have a better opportunity to ask the food prep staff to use fresh utensils to serve food to avoid cross contamination.
East safe and have fun! 

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