Did you know CHOP Steakhouse & Bar has a Gluten Free Menu?

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We've been meaning to try out CHOP Steakhouse & Bar for a long time.  We've 'almost' gone a few times but plans always changed.  This time for Amanda's birthday we made it happened.  We called in a reservation to the West End and called in some baby sitters and made it happen.

We were happy to hear there was a Gluten Free Friendly menu.  It certainly helps make choosing your meal a bit easier.  I have to admit, the menu was not perfect, it seemed to miss some obvious gluten free items like a baked potato, but that was sorted out with the advice we always give, ASK QUESTIONS.  Gluten free menu or not, not sure, just ask questions.

CHOP treats the gluten free menu like an allergy.  I recommend saying it is 'severe' then the manager handles your order.  The waitress we had was pretty good, didn't have a full understanding.  However, we were still comfortable because she was responsible and asked the kitchen staff when she was not sure, or when she didn't sound sure.

Amanda ordered the Steak and Lobster with loaded baked potato and for an extra $5 turned it into a CHOP Experience by adding a really amazing Cesar Salad with no croutons (soups and other salads available) and side vegetables.  For dessert we ordered a creme brule.

The steaks was done to perfection.  No complaints at all and the Lobster just delicious (yes I snuck some of Amanda's.  The steak and lobster used a top sirloin cut, so I ordered a New York strip steak.  Another really nice cut of steak done to perfection.  The loaded baked potato was really tasty, made up of fresh crispy bacon.

We don't often eat out steak dinners, because they can be expensive, but we knew after the meal and good experience, that we would be back for another special occasion.

 What dish have you tried from CHOP?

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Easy Peasy Gluten Free Breakfast

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It is sometimes easy to over think gluten free meals; what's in the sauce? What is in the seasoning? what if what if what if?  Right?  Frustrating.  Sometimes the answer is right in front of your eyes.  This is one of my favourite weekend meals I like to make the family.

Simple right?  Bacon, eggs, and a hash brown seasoned with salt and pepper.  Not to mention a fruit smoothie.  All naturally gluten free, bacon is typically not seasoned, or stuffed to worry about gluten being an ingredient.  Seasoning the potatoes with salt and pepper will go a long way with flavour.  And no bread?  ya, no bread, you already have the potato as a carb, and fully loading yourself with a fruit smoothie anyway. 

Is there an easy breakfast you like to make?

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Who needs a Shamrock Shake when Kinnikinnick has these treats ready for St. Patrick's Day?

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So here are some new items you'll find in the Kinnikinnick bakery in time for St Patrick's day
  • grasshopper tarts, 
  • shamrock crunch cake, 
  • blueberry cake, 
  • grasshopper pie 
  • mint and blue berry cookies
Kinnikinnick recently sent these to us for a little taste of St. Patrick's day and we thought "Wow! How are we going to taste all this?". It was time to call over some friends for a little sampling.

Even with some friends over we couldn't finish all these treats, but had a fun time eating some great treats. Kinnikinnick certainly nailed their mint flavours and what i would describe as a mint mousse. They basically took their mousse and applied it to the tart, whoopy pie and grasshopper pie.

The shamrock crunch cake was the best for me. It had the same mint filling in the layers, but I think it was a bit more creamy that moussy, and had crumbled cookies around the edges to give it that crunch.

The blueberry cake was nice as well and one of our guests favourite treat. The cake was the most moist between the two cakes. That's probably because of the rich blueberry jelly that was made for the cake.

Be sure to call ahead and make sure these items are in stock before your next visit.

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Gluten Free Egg Pasta by Jovial

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It is not often we try new pasta's because they can be such a hit and miss.  But this gluten free egg pasta by jovial, imported from Italy really caught our attention.  We found this at Winners (so you never know if you'll actually see it again).  You will never guess what happened when we made this pasta for the first time.

It was perfectly delicious!  The pasta was so smooth, I don't think i've had a pasta so smooth and silky.  The pasta also held the next day without breaking up or getting mushy.

Below we made an shrimp alfredo pasta with the juvial gluten free pasta.  We used a gluten free pasta sauce, added some shrimp and peas and carrots.

Lassonde, makes a line of gluten free sauces.  This is a pasta alfredo sauce that we used for the pasta above.

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