Gluten Free Vegas Baby! Yeah!

We recently visited Vegas for a few days (NO KIDS! WOO HOO).  

We explored a small area of the strip (There was just too much to see!), but found some awesome gluten free gems to eat at in Vegas, on and off the strip.

Check it out:

Nacho Daddy's 

About $40 USD for the two of us to eat. We shared a platter. It's near Planet Hollywood past the Taco Bell Cantina.  Lots of platters are GF and indicated on the menu.  Nacho chips are made in house in a dedicated fryer.

nacho platter stacked high with toppings
Nacho Daddy's

Egg Slut 

(sorry that's what it's actually called) 

Egg Slut is in The Cosmopolitan. About $15 USD a person.  We shared a gluten free bacon and egg sandwich, and an egg salad sandwich and one order of breakfast hasbrowns.  They make these gluten free buns in house.  They are more like a biscuit and were great.  They prepared the sandwich separately away from everyone else, and everything was toasted on a separated tray to try and reduce the risk of cross contamination.

breakfast sandwiches

Ramsay Pub and Grill 

Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill is located in Cesar's Palace we shared a burger with fries and Lobster Roll. There was NO additional charge for the gluten free bun.  Fries were in a dedicated fryer.  The burger was very nicely built and well proportioned between toppings and burger.  However the lobster and shrimp roll stole the show!  It was delicious.  All in we spent $55 USD.

Gluten free lobster and shrimp roll

gluten free hamburger



Giada's in the Cromwell across from Paris.  This was absolutely best. Although expensive, it was truly worth it and comparatively speaking for what we paid, It would be hard to get the quality and service here. 

We split Giada's signature arugula salad, split Giada's signature lemon spaghetti made gluten free, shared grilled artichoke (could have done without), broccolini, mushroom risotto. Was $135 USD after a $20 USD tip.


Half portion of the salad as they split it for us

Half portion of the lemon spaghetti as they split it for us


mushroom risotto

grilled artichoke



Off strip we went to Power Soul Cafe. Couple locations so google if you have a car to get their. All gf fast food. Take out only (maybe they deliver). Small portions about $6 USD a bite. But they have corn dogs, chicken nuggies, sweet treats and more.

Exterior of Power Soul Cafe, bright with yellow and orange.  Windows and a doorway for pickup.

Gluten free chicken nuddies

Gluten free corn dogs

Trio of gluten free desserts

Gluten free cream cheese stuffed bagel bites