Canadian Brewhouse has an amazing gluten free menu.

Love the cutlery!
Recently Amanda went out with some friends to The Canadian Brewhouse in Spruce Grove, AB.  She wasn't sure what to expect, but her friend wanted meet there, and she figured she would be able to find something there to eat.

What she didn't expect was the extent of the menu that was available gluten free, and what they do to try and accommodate.

So before I go any further, just a reminder, ask about food prep every time, because you never know how each location operates from location to location, or if a location changes its kitchen processes.

So a few things she found out and confirmed at the Spruce Grove location:

  • They have a dedicated fryer for gluten free items.  They noted that all locations do.
  • You can get gluten free beer battered fish, but its a packaged gluten free battered fish.
  • You can get gluten free pizza's including their perogy pizza which is made with sliced potato.

Although Amanda only tried a really awesome Quinoa salad, there were gluten free hamburgers, pizza's, and even nacho's available to eat off the menu.

Menu items that are gluten free are marked with a symbol and a statement that gluten free options are available.

Check out some photos I took of the menu or click here for the Canadian Brewhouse menu online that they mark up for gluten free as well:

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