More gluten free pasta at Costco

We found this Giovanni gluten free spaghetti at Costco.  We bought it because we usually by the gluten free quinoa penne but they haven't restocked the shelves with it recently.  So here we are trying another new pasta.  A few things we liked about this one:
  1. It was under $10 for three boxes at costco
  2. It cooked really easily and really well and didn't stick together.
  3. It held up at lunch, even in a liquid sauce! That more than impressed us.

Try this pasta with the shrimp, lemon and garlic sauce recipe.

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New Gluten Free Cookie from Cookie Love

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Cookie Love sure makes some good cookies!  Our friend RL write about Cookie Love last year because of the great gluten free cookies they offer.  This time, its our turn to give a review because Mike from Cookie Love wanted us to give a taste of their new gluten free chocolate chip cookie!  So he dropped this off at my office.

Oh boy is it a good cookie!  If you like a nice soft cookie, you are going to love this gluten free chocolate chip cookie from Cookie Love.  The shelf life of these so far are pretty good.  I managed to fend off my cravings and they have lasted so far five days without getting stale.  Which is really amazing for a fresh baked cookie.

You can find Mike from Cookie Love at their cookie store located at 124st and 102 Ave downtown across from Mountain Equipment Co-op.  Hope you enjoy these gluten free cookies on top of their already great gluten free cookie selection.

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Elevating your dishes with #CampbellsGlutenFree Vegetable Broth

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So Campbell's Canada approached me this month to enter a bloggers contest.  The challenge was, use their gluten free Campbell’s No Salt Added Vegetable Broth in an original recipe.  They provided me with the broth, and even a $25 gift card to buy the product for a recipe.  I thought "Nothing to lose here!".  What I lost is time trying to think of what to make!  I didn't just want to use the broth to make a soup.

So I thought, okay, lets think of some good cooking tips to help elevate some dishes.  Broths are good to infuse flavour into some dishes that you might have not thought.

Tip #1:  Elevate your roasted potatoes with some vegetable broth

Try this quick recipe:

  • 4-5 large potatoes
  • 1-2 cups of Campbell’s No Salt Added Vegetable Broth
  • 2 tbs of lemon juice
  • 2 tbs of Italian seasoning
  • 3 tbs of olive oil
  1. Heat oven to 400 degrees
  2. Peel and cut potatoes into about 1.5 inch squares
  3. Run through water to remove starch (A tip we learned from Rachel Ray)
  4. Toss in olive oil, italian seasoning and lemon juice
  5. Place on non-stick roasting pan
  6. pour vegetable broth on bottom of pan to cover
  7. Roast in oven for 30 minutes or until golden brown.  Turn half way through
  8. Season with some salt and pepper to taste.
Boom you turned some plain roasted potatoes into an amazing side dish with tonnes of flavour.

Tip #2: Thin out your pasta sauce with a little broth

Is your pasta sauce too thick?  Don't think it out with water.  That will dilute the flavour.  Thin it out with a vegetable broth that will also infuse some delicious flavours.

Here is a baked pasta Amanda made that she used the Campbell’s No Salt Added Vegetable Broth to thin out the sauce a little and infuse some flavour into the vegetables she added.

Tip #3:  Infuse some flavour into your rice

A gluten free diet often means a lot of rice and potato side dishes.  And you need to get as much flavour out of those ingredients as you can.  Luckily, those ingredients are good at absorbing flavouring.  Why not cook your rice in the Campbell’s No Salt Added Vegetable Broth?  Let it soak up the flavours of the broth to enhance the flavour instead of just having a plain rice.

Let us know what some of your tips are to elevate some simple dishes with a broth. 

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Parmesan Crusted Cod from Costco

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I feel like we talk about Costco's great assortment of gluten free products too much.  But guess what?  When they are selling great product, it is hard not to.

We found a gluten free Parmesan Crusted Cod in the freezers at the West end Costco.  Be sure to grab these before Costco stops selling them because they were fantastic.  Baked in the oven at 425 degrees, the crust crisped up so nicely and kept the fish nice nice and moist without drying out.  We would definitely buy this again!

I make it and served it with a side of garlic pasta with feta cheese, peas and carrots.  Mmmmm

Gluten Free Edmonton - A Celiac guide and resource for gluten free information in Edmonton, Alberta

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The Gluten Free Diet is NOT a Fad...

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May is Celiac Awarenes month, and I am here to tell you that the gluten free diet is NOT a fad.  It is here to stay because Celiac Disease is real and, there is no cure for the disease and you can only manage the disease by a gluten free diet.  The Canadian Celiac Association says that 1 in 100 Canadians have Celiac Disease.  That makes the gluten free diet for real, and not a fad.  It won't go away for those 1 in 100, including my wife Amanda.

So for the month of May, I want you to do a few things to raise awareness:
  1. When you hear someone say that gluten free is a fad, remind the that 1 in 100 Canadian have Celiac Disease and that they require a gluten free diet to manage the disease.
  2. When you someone asks you why you eat a gluten free diet, you tell them "I have Celiac Disease disease.  There is no cure for Celiac Disease, however I can manage it, and heal my body by eating a gluten free diet"
  3. When someone takes pity on you because you have to eat gluten free food you bust the myth "Gluten free foods are not any worse than non-gluten free foods.  Gluten free does not mean bland, does not mean no seasoning, does not mean no sauce.  It just means no wheat, rye, barley or malt.  Instead we introduce different grains like rice, quinoa and corn etc."
  4. When someone asks you what Celiac Disease is, or you think they don't understand you tell them "Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system no longer recognizes gluten. When gluten is eaten, it sets off an autoimmune response and the absorptive surface of the small intestine (known as villi) is attacked and damaged. Many serious effects, includ malabsorption of important nutrients like protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals, which are necessary for good health."
  5. Share this blog post!  Let people know what Celiac Disease is, and what the gluten free diet means to you.
Gluten Free Edmonton - A Celiac guide and resource for gluten free information in Edmonton, Alberta

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