Adapting recipes to be gluten free can be easy

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How often do you see a baking recipe and ask yourself.....

"I wish I could make that recipe?  but it's not gluten free"  :-(

It is time to be adventurous!  You are missing out!  We always try to not let a non-gluten free recipe get in the way.  There are usually ways around it.

Here are two examples.  This carrot and zucchini muffin recipe from Cup Cakes and Kale Chips called for all purpose wheat flour.  Amanda just made the with a 1 to 1 substitute with Kinnikinnick Foods all purpose gluten free flour.

Example number two, I made this frittata/quiche.  But didn't have a crust.  I simply made a potato crust by crushing tator tots on the bottom of the pan.  I checked the ingredients of the McCains tots and they did not contain gluten (but not specifically labelled gluten free), so I felt they were safe to use.

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The only tip you need to serve safe gluten free dips

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On a recent trip to Toronto we went to our favorite Mediterranean restaurants to have some delicious food.  When we ordered our apps,we found one of the greatest tips you need to serve safe gluten free dips.

At Me Va Me, they offer serving a large plate of crisp romaine lettuce leaves instead of pita and did not charge any extra because it was just lettuce.

So why is this the only tip you need?

  • No cross contamination if everyone is sharing
  • Most restaurants DO carry romaine, while not all carry a gluten free bread, let a lone a gluten free pita. 
  • The romaine lettuce leaves were perfect for scooping and eating
  • We didn't get filled up on carb loaded pita, and got to enjoy the delicous taste of the dips.
  • Finally, lets face it, the lettuce or pita is just a vessel for getting the dip to your mouth because spooning baba ghanouj directly into your mouth is apparently not appropriate (so I've been told) :-(

This is me scooping loads of dip into a big crisp piece of romaine lettuce.  It was delicious and worked so well!

So for any restaurant owner or chef reading this!  Offer some crisp romaine with your dips instead of pita for those that can't digest gluten!  For anyone eating a restaurant that wants some apps and something to dip with, ask for a plate of crisp romaine instead of bread.

Me Va Me Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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