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Product and Restaurant Reviews
We have no problem receiving samples, however we do not favour products that we sample for free.  We also tend to not write negative reviews, so we may not write about all products we receive.

We respect all businesses trying to create great gluten free products, and will provide feedback when necessary.

Due to demand, we are also not able to guarantee time lines as to when a review will be written. We typically need to find the right time and the right people to sample products.

If you have a product to be sampled or restaurant to be reviewed, email us at

Gluten Free Edmonton, reaches people interested in gluten free products, gluten free shopping and gluten free restaurants within the Edmonton, Alberta area.

You may want to advertise on Gluten Free Edmonton if:
  • You have a gluten free product sold in Edmonton, Alberta and area
  • You have an online store that ships to Edmonton, Alberta
  • You have a store located within the Edmonton, Alberta area
  • You have a great gluten free resource to share (website, magazine etc.)
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