Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Gluten Free Crackers by Food Should Taste Good, and a Dip Recipe!

Haven't heard of Food Should Taste Good? Then you probably don't have coffee at Starbucks or shop at Costco.  We first saw their gluten free tortilla chips at Starbucks in snack size bags a few years ago.  Loved them.  We would buy their sweet potato chip.  Soon after we saw the multi grain chip being sold at Costco.  So of course, now we always have a good of that in our pantry because it is a good party chip.
More recently we saw a gluten free brown rice cracker by them at Costco.  At first glance I thought "Oh this is just going to be the chip shaped differently". But we bought it anyways, because, it's not like we've experienced a bad chip by them.

So I was totally wrong, it is not like the chip.  Really a different texture, and as it should, it was less tortilla, and more cracker texture.  The other thing to note, was that at first when you are snacking on these you may think "oh, these need a little more salt", but the as you aimlessly shovel them into your mouth, you realize that they are perfectly salted, as the salt hits after the first few chips.

So, I have a snack idea for these crackers, or any cracker.  In August we went to the Happy Acres U Pick Farm (which BTW, was a fantastic experience).  We had Naomi do a little picking, and she snagged some dill and green onion.  Go figure she didn't go for the berries.  None-the-less we had some herbs to buy and I thought to make a dip and spread that I would make when I was a bachelor.  

1 part feta cheese
2 parts cream cheese
dill to taste
garlic to taste (I used green onion instead since that is what Naomi picked)

Put in a bowl and mash.  Add more feta to make it more salty, or add more cream cheese to make it more of a dip.  I had never made it with fresh dill before, and I think its going to be the only way I make it.  I also liked the green onion over the garlic. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

La Crema Caffe Revisted, Revised, and Rejoiced

This is our third La Crema Caffe post, because they just keep on changing things up and getting better and better.

First, just as a reminder, La Crema Caffe is a Italian style cafe in St. Albert located downtown right in the heart of where the Farmer's Market takes place. (We visited in August)

We've heard rumours that ownership has changed, I couldn't confirm that, but if it did I wouldn't say it has affected the gluten free menu at La Crema.  Infact, the menu got bigger since we last visited, adding more gluten free sandwiches, gluten free pizza's and of course, more treats like gluten free tiramisu.

So what did we try this time?  Well, first take a look at the menu and the notes of gluten free all over it!

After some strategic choices to ensure we get a little bit of everything, Amanda and I shared a gluten free pulled pork pizza and a gluten free Bravo deli sandwiches.  

The gluten free pizza, used what seemed to be Kinnikinnick's single crust, and was topped with a very tasty pulled pork, chopped onion, pineapples, BBQ sauce and a delicious honey mustard sauce.  And, YES it was good!

The Bravo sandwich used what seemed to be a gluten free Udi's bagel. It was served with grilled chicken, bacon, tomato, friulano cheese and their secret bravo sauce.  We also had a side Cesar salad with no croutons.  Once again very tasty, and nothing was wasted!

La Crema Caffe on Urbanspoon

Monday, October 6, 2014

Looking for some early Halloween Fun in Edmonton?

I was contacted by the Alberta Diabetes Foundation about their fall fundraiser and it's connection to Celiac Disease.  I asked them to write a guest blog post.  I hope you support this great cause often associated to Celiac Disease.

I have been invited to write a guest post on this amazing blog. I’d like to start first by inviting you all to  register for and enjoy the Alberta Diabetes Foundation Halloween Howl Run and Walk on October 25, 2014.

You might ask why I was invited to promote a diabetes charity on this blog. An earlier blog entry highlighted the increased incidence of Celiac Disease in Type 1 diabetics as they are both autoimmune diseases. My now almost 17 year old son was very quickly diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was 14 months old, but it took over 6 months for him to be diagnosed with Celiac Disease at age 2, notwithstanding his malnourished appearance and a couple of visits to a pediatric gastroenterologist.

Back then, we thanked our lucky stars for Kinnickkinnick. Nowadays, the breadth and depth of gluten free choices (as are so excellently highlighted by Gluten Free Edmonton) is staggering!

The Halloween Howl includes a 3 and 5 km fun run/walk and a 10km competitive (chipped run).  It starts at the U of A Butterdome and winds its way through Edmonton’s beautiful River Valley.

Costumes are strongly encouraged. We are very proud of our post race “eats”. What makes us unique is that we always ensure that we have a gluten free food table! We have been very lucky to have GF choices from Panago and Kinnickkinnick at our event in the past as well as additional fruit, milk and yogurt choices!

If you are interested in attending this fun event, you can register (individually or as a team) for the race in Edmonton at  Or click here to go directly to the registration form.

You can also click here to register for the race in Calgary.

Either way, you’ll have a “howl” of a good time.

Gillian Clarke

Halloween Howl Chair

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Kinnikinnick's Gluten Free Cinnamon Raisin Bread

I can't believe it took them so long, but Kinnikinnick has finally come out with their own gluten free cinnamon raisin bread.  Certainly to compete against Udi's version which has been the raisin bread of choice up until now.

I recently used it to make up some french toast, which I think is the tastiest way to eat raisin bread.  It certainly lives up to Udi's version and I couldn't tell the difference.

Check out the yummy French Toast I made with the Kinnikinnick raisin bread. Let me know if you need a French toast recipe, I will be happy to post the America's Test Kitchen recipe I used!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ben's Meats on Stoney Plain Rd in West Edmonton

If you haven't been to Ben's Meats yet, you will after this post.  So what's so special about a butcher shop?  Well to start, the owner Dave has Celiac Disease, so he turned his shop into a gluten free friendly heaven of a butcher shop.  This family owned and operated butcher shop has been around since 1953, and the family has been running the butcher shop three generations already.  You can read the history of Ben's Meats on their website.

So lets get to the good stuff.

Below is TWO deep fryers that Dave setup.  Why two?  He wanted a dedicated gluten free fryer so he can serve up gluten free french fries, spring rolls and much much more goodies.

All of these eats are gluten free.  That is basically the whole fridge.

It gets better, freezer full of gluten free goodies from place like La Crema, Udi's ad Gluten Free Lacombe!

Here is bread he has for sale from the Totally Gluten Free Bakery in Lacombe.

And some pizza's

And he send out the pizza crusts to get turned into gluten free pot pies

So what are you waiting for?  BTW, Dave is a really nice guy, and he'll walk you around the shop to show you all their gluten free stuff!

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