Dollarama continues to deliver gluten free snacks

I am not going to lie, Dollarama is one of my favourite places to shop in general.  I get lost in all the knick knacks tat can be found.  Sometimes really poor quality, sometimes good quality.

The City Centre Dollarama in downtown Edmonton was closed for a year as the mall went through renovations and the Dollarama had to be relocated and rebuilt to make way for expanded underground parking.

I missed it.  And when it finally re-opened, I was there on day 1!

What people may not often know is that there is a good variety of gluten free snacks available at Dollarama.  Just check out these quick finds while doing a quick run through:

Junior mints labelled gluten free and nut free (top left corner)

Doritos labelled gluten free, on back of package:

Lay's Stax Original, certified gluten free by the Canadian Celiac Association:

Rice Vermicelli Bowls labelled gluten free (see bottom left label), beef and chicken.

Gluten Free at Pannizza in West Edmonton Mall

We were at West Edmonton Mall recently and while munching on some lunch I noticed on an advertisement and then on the back wall of Pannipizza that they had a gluten free pizza option.

That prompted me to ask some questions about what the options were.  So what I was told is that they have a gluten free crust available.  See below:

I asked about cross contamination, and obviously like all restaurants there is not guarantee.  So then I asked about procedures.  This is what they have in place to try and reduce risk:
  1. They have pans and trays for gluten free to go through the conveyor belt system
  2. All but on topping is gluten free
  3. They have a separate sauce and ladle for gluten free pizzas ready
  4. They do not have separate containers for each topping. 

There is a extra $2 charge for gluten free crusts.

I know the separate sauce and ladle is a big deal for a lot of people as the ladle is typically used to spread the sauce around on the crust.  So to have a separate sauce and ladle which comes in direct contact of crusts really does help.

We have not tried their pizza yet, but let us know if you have!

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We went to Britts Fish and Chips for gluten free Fish & Chips

It has been a while since we went to Britts.  Infact, we first wrote about Britts way back in 2011!  We binged going there for a while and then suddenly stopped for no real reason.

During this summer, we tried going to the new Grandin Fish & Chips when it opened downtown.  But it was busy and couldn't get in.  We heard they have great Fish & Chips as well.

Well for whatever reason we craved some fish and chips and didn't want to risk Gandin being too busy, so decided to revisit Britts.  We tried to recall the last time we went, we thought maybe sometime in late 2012, or early 2013.

Not much has changed.  Except that they really are promoting their gluten free batter.  They have a large sign outside on the streets, and other signs in store.

They can basically deep fry anything in a dedicated fryer except for some of the obvious gluten items.  The extra sides that they recommend that are gluten free are the mashed peas, coleslaw and curry sauce.

We ordered The Works that fed way more than our family of four.

There are two locations in Edmonton.  One Downtown in Oliver and one South in Argyle.  Both have dedicated fryers!

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Freakonomics just aired a podcast episode on Celiac and it is amazing!

This was an very interesting listen and I encourage everyone to give it a listen.  Some of the topics they discuss in the 45 minute episode are:

  • The discovery of Celiac Disease (This surprised me!)
  • Why the sudden increased diagnosis of Celiac Disease in North America
  • Reasons why not to go gluten free if you don't have Celiac
  • The economic impact of Celiac Disease

You can find the podcast episode and full transcript at the link below:

Who loves Chachi's?

Holly shared us a review for Chachi's gluten free sandwiches!

Hi! Just wondering if you've had a sandwich at Chiachi's yet (in West Edmonton Mall and South Edmonton Common). I just ate there and it was really good - they even changed gloves and utensils for me. The gluten free bread didn't fall apart and it was nice to have a place to eat at the mall again since the Press'd in West Edmonton Mall closed.

All the gluten free sandwiches are listed on their website, and there's a pretty good selection. I tried the Clubbin and I actually enjoyed it more than Press'd, the garlic mayo was delicious!

Check out their sandwich menu.  Gluten free sandwiches are marked with GF.

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