Taste of Edmonton Gluten Free Options 2015

Taste of Edmonton is just around the corner.  Starting July 16 to July 25, once again you can have gluten free friendly meal choices.

Amanda and I have gone several times over the past years and have been able to enjoy some delicious dishes.

So how do you see what is Celiac friendly?  Visit the Taste of Edmonton menu and click celiac friendly on the filters to the right.  Also look for the Celiac friendly symbol as seen above on the menu.

There does not seem to be as many options yet listed on the website, but as chefs review their menu, hopefully they will indicate more gluten free items. So what are some of the gluten free friendly items listed?
Some tips when attending Taste of Edmonton:
  • I know this may sound inconvenient, but go during off hours.  When things are hopping busy, you are most likely to come across a hectic kitchen that may cross contaminate
  • Ask Ask Ask.  The chefs may not be at their booth, so just keep on asking questions about the food until you get an answer you are comfortable with.
  • Ask Ask Ask more.  Going during off hours when there are less people, you might have a better opportunity to ask the food prep staff to use fresh utensils to serve food to avoid cross contamination.
East safe and have fun!