Red Robin has Gluten Free Buns and Gluten Free Beer!

We are always bouncing around with which burger joint to try out.  Everyone has its advantages and disadvantages.  Some have gluten free buns, some have bed of lettuces, or lettuce wraps, some have dedicated fryer for fries, and some do not.

When it come to Red Robin, they seem to have a few good things to take advantage of:
  1. They have a gluten free bun that is pretty good.  Amanda usually elects for the lettuce wrap, but the last time we went, she decided she wanted the gluten free bun.
  2. To my knowledge (but you should always ask every visit), they have a dedicated fryer for french fries.  This is probably because they are always being made since they are bottomless fries.
  3. During our last visit we noticed (and this is kind of the clincher at being one of the best options for adults to go), is that they have gluten free beer on their menu.
Not that we by any means drink beer (gluten free or not), but we know lots of people like a cold one.  They have two gluten free beers and a cider ready to order and marked off on their drink menu.

During our last visit (we went for a lunch time date), Amanda tried something different.  She not only had the gluten free bun instead of a lettuce wrap, but she went for a chicken burger that they had on special.  Mmmmm.

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