Adapting recipes to be gluten free can be easy

How often do you see a baking recipe and ask yourself.....

"I wish I could make that recipe?  but it's not gluten free"  :-(

It is time to be adventurous!  You are missing out!  We always try to not let a non-gluten free recipe get in the way.  There are usually ways around it.

Here are two examples.  This carrot and zucchini muffin recipe from Cup Cakes and Kale Chips called for all purpose wheat flour.  Amanda just made the with a 1 to 1 substitute with Kinnikinnick Foods all purpose gluten free flour.

Example number two, I made this frittata/quiche.  But didn't have a crust.  I simply made a potato crust by crushing tator tots on the bottom of the pan.  I checked the ingredients of the McCains tots and they did not contain gluten (but not specifically labelled gluten free), so I felt they were safe to use.