Who needs a Shamrock Shake when Kinnikinnick has these treats ready for St. Patrick's Day?

So here are some new items you'll find in the Kinnikinnick bakery in time for St Patrick's day
  • grasshopper tarts, 
  • shamrock crunch cake, 
  • blueberry cake, 
  • grasshopper pie 
  • mint and blue berry cookies
Kinnikinnick recently sent these to us for a little taste of St. Patrick's day and we thought "Wow! How are we going to taste all this?". It was time to call over some friends for a little sampling.

Even with some friends over we couldn't finish all these treats, but had a fun time eating some great treats. Kinnikinnick certainly nailed their mint flavours and what i would describe as a mint mousse. They basically took their mousse and applied it to the tart, whoopy pie and grasshopper pie.

The shamrock crunch cake was the best for me. It had the same mint filling in the layers, but I think it was a bit more creamy that moussy, and had crumbled cookies around the edges to give it that crunch.

The blueberry cake was nice as well and one of our guests favourite treat. The cake was the most moist between the two cakes. That's probably because of the rich blueberry jelly that was made for the cake.

Be sure to call ahead and make sure these items are in stock before your next visit.

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