Parmesan Crusted Cod from Costco

I feel like we talk about Costco's great assortment of gluten free products too much.  But guess what?  When they are selling great product, it is hard not to.

We found a gluten free Parmesan Crusted Cod in the freezers at the West end Costco.  Be sure to grab these before Costco stops selling them because they were fantastic.  Baked in the oven at 425 degrees, the crust crisped up so nicely and kept the fish nice nice and moist without drying out.  We would definitely buy this again!

I make it and served it with a side of garlic pasta with feta cheese, peas and carrots.  Mmmmm

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  1. I just made my own GF filet o fish with one of the patties. Yummy!!


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