Club House Gluten Free Poutine

A few years ago Club House started to label some of their gravy mixes as gluten free, and have continued to label more and more gluten free.  Club House uses the Canadian Celiac Association Gluten Free Certification Program to verify that their mixes are gluten free.

You can see that they have quite a bit of a gluten free selection now beyond just a brown gravy:

The one with the blue boxes are all labelled as gluten free.  I noticed they have a poutine mix so I just had to try it, because I actually had never made poutine before.  Amanda picked up some cheese curds and I picked up the gluten free poutine club house mix and off we went to try it out.

Survey says we have a winner!  It was really tasty and now that I know we can make a good poutine gravy, I can try to experiment in the future with different types of poutines.

Although I typically like a straight up traditional poutine, what's your favourite "gourmet" poutine?