Secret Gluten Free Menu at McDonald's

It all started with seeing a post in our gluten free Edmonton support group on Facebook.  Someone came up with an amazing gluten free breakfast solution at McDonald's that I had to test out.

They ordered an bacon and egg McMuffin with hashbrown instead of an English muffin.  When I originally posted this on Instagram and Facebook I took some flack because I didn't present enough information about potential cross contamination, but now I have some more info to share here.


I ordered a bacon and egg McMuffin meal with an extra hashbrown with no English muffin and had them use the two hashbrowns as the bun!  It was delicious.

The two pictures are facts to help you make an informed decision about trying this:

1.  There are no gluten Ingredients in the hashbrown

2. Through Facebook Messenger, McDonald's Canada said their hashbrown uses a dedicated fryer, but in a previous message said that cross contamination can still can happen in their kitchen. (SEE SCREENSHOT SHOT BELOW)


1.  Always ask the location about their fryer because some smaller McDonald's locations may be setup differently or NOT follow protocol. 
2.  Don't go when it's busy! 
3.  Do this in the morning when none of the other lunch and dinner options are being prepared.

If you read this far, I just want to add that everyone is going to have their opinion on this.  But I am sharing this with facts that I learned.

Screenshot from McDonald's App (December 2019)