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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Eating Gluten Free at Habesha Ethiopian Restaurant

This was not the first time we checked our Habesha Ethiopian Restaurant, and it won't be the last.  Habesha is in Edmonton's north east in on 118 ave at 95 st.  Not to far from our favourite gluten free Salvadorian restaurant El Rancho.  To be honest I can't tell you the name of any of the dishes, but they are great.  We never did look at the menu both times we have gone because we went on a Wednesday evening when they have their vegetarian buffet.

A variety of Ethiopian food from Habesha's
vegetarian buffet.
It is quite the experience to go to the restaurant.  there is no cutlery on the table, because you are supposed to eat Ethiopian food with your hands.  Well, atleast you are supposed to eat it with what is called Injera, which is like a pita flat.  Typically Injera is gluten free because it is made from teff.  However, at least at Habesha, they do add wheat flour to it because the teff is expensive to import, so they line it with flour to stretch out a batch.

They will provide you with a fork, and if you want, some rice in place of the Injera.  The food itself is very tasty and has so much flavour to it.  I would say there are some similar flavours to Indian food, but not all the dishes are hot.

At the vegetarian buffet, at least this particular time, everything was gluten free.  It is good to ask every time just in case something changes and they make a sauce thickened with flour.  At the vegetarian buffet they have dishes with lentils (a spicy brown one, and a tasty yellow lentil dish), an excellent cabbage dish, something that looked like a spinach dish, vegetables, potatoes, some salad, a chick pea dish.  I would not say it is the largest spread, but it was really enough food.

One of the interesting things about eating at Habesha is the atmosphere.  When we went it was really busy, lots of younger 20-30 somethings there because of the hookah's.  Yes, people like up the hookah's at Habesha.  At first it was interesting, the smoke is not as powerful and choking as a cigarette smoke, and it is just fruit leaves.  However, after a while, when it got really busy, it did become a bit overwhelming.  So if this is a concern for you, you may want to go by during off hours when there are not as many people around.

Let us know about your experience there.

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