Monday, October 4, 2010

La crema caffé in St. Albert, a true gluten free treat!

A recent trip to the St. Albert Farmers Market had us stumble across a gem of a place called La Crema Caffé. La Crema Caffé is a boutique Italian café with a nice gluten free menu including quiche, soups, salads and pastries all served at a separate counter to avoid cross-contamination. After speaking with staff, I learned that the gluten free menu is inspired by the owner who has Celiac himself.

Between three meals at lunch, two non-gluten free and one gluten free, our bill came to just over $30 – not bad. La Crema also prints the receipt in a manner that makes claiming your Celiac expense easier.
Gluten free quiche with a Caesar salad

Amanda tried the gluten free quiche, which was fantastic (I tried a bite myself to compare with the non-gluten free). The crust was flaky and light just like it should be. In general, I tend to find Italian bakers and chefs perfectionists at what they do, so it is always a treat to see how they perfect a gluten free pastry, crust, or meal.

La Crema Caffé
44 Saint Thomas Street #4
St Albert, AB T8N6N8
(780) 458-8225

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