Did you know you can just ask?

Don't be affraid to ask for a special serving of an order at a restaurant!  You never know what the kitchen can do for you until you ask.  The worst that can happen is that they say no.

This is a great gluten free tip and trick for eating out.  Often when menus have gluten free items marked off, some items that require a simple tweek are not marked off because the restaurant only marks off the items that are naturally gluten free or just require a swap out to a gluten free bun/pasta/crust etc.

Above is the buffalo cauliflower at Earl's.  Something that is not marked off as gluten free on their menu because they put a crispy coating on the cauliflower and fry it.

But we asked!  Can you make us this dish pan fried, non crispy coated with just the buffalo sauce?  

And well, we got this tasty gluten free appy that is our favourite appetizer on their happy hour menu!