Will that be one aisle or two? Shopping gluten free at Save-on-Foods

We often go downtown on a Sunday for gluten free pizza at Love Pizza.  Basically because kids eat for free on Sundays!

We often meet family there and then end up strolling across the parking lot at Save on Foods.  Walking into the downtown Save-on-Foods, Amanda pointed out the gluten free sign you see below:

I've posed this question before... how do you shop gluten free?  Do you prefer to shop down 1-2 aisles or stroll through all of the aisles?

The way Save on Foods has it setup is pretty cool.  They get a lot of gluten free products in the two aisles! 


  • Easy to find the gluten free products you love
  • Possibly lower your shopping time.


  • You may feel obliged to purchase a gluten free product vs. a product you usually by but is just not labelled gluten free
  • You don't get to compare all the options for that food category, because for example the sauces have been separated out, but all VH sauces are gluten free, but none were on these aisles.

So what is your preference? and why? 

While you think about it, check out all these photos and how much they pack into these two aisles.