La Crema Caffe Revisited

It is no secret that especially during the summer time, we like to go to La Crema for a lunch or brunch on the weekend.  What a great location for a cafe in beautiful downtown St. Alberta.

I don't think it is hardly a secret that La Crema serves up some of the best gluten free meals in the Edmonton area.  Just look at the La Crema Urbanspoon and you will see review after review praising their gluten free options!

My parents recently visited this winter, and we decided to make the drive down the Anthony Henday to St. Albert and have a lunch.  Usually Amanda orders their gluten free quiche and a gluten free Cesar salad.  This time, she decided to try something different as La Crema is carrying Udi's gluten free bagels for sandwiches!

Once again Amanda was not disappointed with the Bravo sandwich. Of course everyone will probably have their opinion on the choice of gluten free bread used, but Amanda happens to love Udi's gluten free bagels.  The bagel was stuffed with Italian meats and cheeses with a nice mayo sauce.  She was so full after we didn't end up getting a gluten free dessert (And La Crema has AMAZING gluten free desserts).

We can't wait until the summer time comes around and we start enjoying more brunches at La Crema.  Last summer La Crema had a brunch buffet on Sunday's with plenty of gluten free options, including gluten free squares.

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