Finally, Pizza 73 Serves up Gluten Free Pizza's!

Yes, it's true!  Pizza 73 is finally serving a gluten free pizza!  This after endless phone calls and a blog post over two years ago begging for support since Pizza 73's sister company Pizza Pizza serves gluten free pizza to Eastern Canada.

So as I've done with other gluten free pizza announcements like Panago gluten free pizza crust announcement, this will essentially give you some details about the pizza and then Amanda and I will offer up review once we try it.

So first off, you can see the following ad on Pizza 73's website.  They are offering 10" gluten free pizza's made from rice flour.  So far they are just offering their peppeoni, hawaiin or veggie pizza's as gluten free.

It was confirmed to me by Amber Fancy, Marketing Manager that they are using the exact same gluten free crust as their sister company Pizza Pizza.

They explained to me it took longer to bring the gluten free pizza crust to Pizza 73 because Pizza Pizza has a different kitchen than Pizza 73.  Pizza Pizza uses ovens and Pizza 73 uses the conveyor belt system.  This meant that Pizza 73 wanted to go through rigorous testing of the pizza to try and reduce the chance of cross contamination as much as possible.  Now keep in mind, like any restaurant, and pizza place, this is not a strictly gluten free kitchen, and I am sure Pizza 73 won't hesitate to remind you that as a fair disclaimer.

With that being said, Amber also wrote to me the following:
Our premade gluten free crust is prepared, cooked and cut with dedicated utensils & doesn’t require dusting flour. However since we are a kitchen environment and many of our products aren’t in sealed packages, we unfortunately can’t guarantee a 100% allergy-free environment.
Amber also provided me with links to order the gluten free pizza's online and to check out the gluten free ingredients.  I checked out the pricing and it is pretty decent:

CHEESE - $9.99
HAWAIIAN - $10.99

Click here for the gluten free ingredients listings.

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Gluten Free Edmonton - A Celiac guide and resource for gluten free information in Edmonton, Alberta


  1. I tried the pepperoni GF pizza at Pizza 73. They do a great job of prepping to avoid cross contamination - in the box was the disposable foil plate they use to house the crust as it goes through the oven. The toppings were tasty, but I have to say I prefer other crusts...I didn't taste much sauce and found the crust too thin, not crispy (because of the tin plate?), Very similar to GF pizza at "Pizza Delight". I LOVE that they have the crust available and do a good job of the prep, but it's not my favorite!

  2. I wish I could try this delicious GF pizza. It's been a month since the last time I tasted a good pizza and Johnnys Pizza Apex was the last thing I have eaten.

  3. I wonder if Pizza 73 uses a gravity roller conveyor on their GF pizza. I have tried their Hawaiian GF pizza and it is very delicious! I just can't wait to try out the other flavors.

  4. Gluten-free pizza - that should solve the problem of any fussy eater. On one hand, the health-conscious will avoid regular pizza. On the other, people without a problem with gluten tend to avoid any gluten-free products. This might just be one of the foods that finally blurs the line between both sides.

  5. Gluten free crust doesn't really address any gluten in the sausages they use. So it really isn't gluten-free. My niece spent the night in the washroom after eating it.

  6. As with any other pizza establishment they have gluten free toppings and non-gluten free toppings. Sausage at any pizza place is not gluten free unless stated otherwise. It is always best to stay with the toppings they list as Gluten Free like the Pepperoni/Ham and all veggies of course. As they do state cross contamination happens, so I don't think any pizza place is truly gluten free. If you do have strong reactions to gluten I suggest not ordering pizza and just making your own. You can get really good pizza crusts from Safeway made by Kinnikinnick and an array of really good gluten free meats that state on the package they are gluten free. That way I get to have pizza, and I make it the way I like it! I have had the gluten free pizza from here, and have not had a reaction, so they do a good job with cross contamination, and it doesn't taste half bad :)


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