Gluten Free Pancake & Waffle Mix

My friend RL recently bought a new place and after a few minor renovations and lots of cleaning she purchased a new oven. The one that she replaced looked decent, but it had all sorts of troubles - knobs that didn't work, gas that didn't always connect to all burners. Bottom line, she opted to buy herself a new gas stove and wow do I love it! I have actually told Abisaac that when our stove dies I want to replace it with one like hers.

Anyways, the point of this post was not to rave about my friends beautiful stove. It was more to rave about what she prepared and shared from her lovely stove. Now, you must know, my friend RL is not typically one who bakes, cooks or even really has historically had much interest in these activities. However, she has been changing her ways and for that I am super proud of her. She said that her new found interest in trying to make things was because of and her new stove.

She arrived the other day on our doorstep, excited to share her creation with us. She had made super tasty pancakes. As you may recall, RL is gluten free, dairy free, soy free and vegetarian. Well, from these pancakes you would never know there was anything different going on. They were still hot and super moist, not greasy and loaded with flavor. Had I not already eaten breakfast only an hour earlier, I would have devoured the entire plate of pancakes and worried about the carbohydrates (aka how much insulin to take to cover) later. But...since we'd already eaten breakfast, we each held ourselves back and only ate 2 small pancakes per person.  The remainder went in the freezer for another day (possibly tomorrow, shhhh).

RL used a mix called Truly Organic Baking- Bakers Basics- Gluten Free Pancake & Waffle Mix. She brought the packaging with her (great blogger friend that she is) so that we could photograph it all together. The packaging prompted me to search my cupboards, as it looked vaguely familiar. I found that I too had a mix from this same company. Mine was for gluten free banana bread, which I will have to set out and make to share with you all soon.

RL explained that someone had bought this gluten free pancake & waffle mix for her so she wasn't certain where it came from, but I knew that my gluten free banana bread mix from Truly Organic Baking - Bakers Basics, was purchased at a HomeSense somewhere in Edmonton (I cheated, the label was still on the package). To my surprise, HomeSense often has a large variety of gluten free products on their shelves. My only recommendation with a place like HomeSense is to read the expiration dates. I only say this because their inventory does not move or get checked quite like the inventory in a grocery store. We all know that gluten free products tend to have less (or no) preservatives and therefore a shorter shelf life than non-gluten free. No one wants to accidentally buy expired gluten free products do they. 

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