La Crema Gluten Free Pot Pies

We have written about La Crema before because it is the best place to go to in St Albert for brunch.  Infact probably one of the best places in Edmonton and area to go to for a gluten free brunch.  The great thing about a Crema is that they are beginning to distribute their gluten free pastry products across Edmonton.  You can buy La Crema at Ed's Gluten Free Store in the south and Gluten Free Mart in the north.

During our first visit to Gluten Free Mart we picked up two gluten free pot pies made by La Crema.  Not a appointment's at all.  Amanda and I wanted to sample a variety, so we bought both the gluten free chicken pot pie and the beef pot pie.  They booth were worth the $9 each (La Crema makes an amazing crust), but I will admit, the chicken pot pie was better.  Brought me back to child hood having chicken pot pies at home with my parents.  Mmmmmm.
Certainly a recommended purchase during your next visit to La Crema, Ed's or Gluten Free Mart.

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