Press'd Sandwich offers gluten free options

I cracked a smile when I received a tweet that Press'd - The Sandwich Company located on Jasper Ave. was starting to offer gluten free sandwich's with Kinnikinnick bread.  There is nothing on their website yet, but just a news release they posted on Twitter.  Unfortunately there is going to be a surcharge for the gluten free sandwich, but at least there is going to be a sandwich option for lunch goers downtown.  Click here to read their news release.

They also informed me that they are looking into an alternative way to "press" or toast the sandwich because they currently do not have a dedicated gluten free sandwich press.  They are looking at the idea of using toaster bags to toast the bread etc.  I am happy to see them trying to make sure the Edmonton Celiac community gets the best press'd sandwich possible.

Press'd sandwich has some tasty looking sandwich's from their provo lovo with provolone cheese, roasted chicken, peppers and a creamy pesto mayo, to their The Bird sandwich with smoked turkey, avocado, cream cheese, alfalfa sprouts and mayo.  Click here to take a look at their delicious menu.

Have you tried one of their gluten free predd'd sandwich yet?  Let us know what you thought!

Press'd has now expanded their gluten free option to their Edmonton City Centre location with daily pre-made gluten free sandwiches.

Follow Press'd on twitter at @Pressdsandwich

Now also in Sherwood Park and South Edmonton

Emerald Hills
#510, 5000 Emerald Drive
Sherwood Park, AB T8H 0P5
Mon-Sun 11am - 8pm
Phone: 780.464.6549

South Trail
3384 Gateway Blvd
Edmonton, AB T6J 6V1
Mon-Sun 11am - 8pm
Phone: 780.440.1813

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  1. Can't they just use parchment paper around the gluten free sandwiches? -Dani

  2. I asked them, they are looking into different options like that or sandwich bags. A dedicated press did not seem feasible to them.

    Also, I didn't ask, but maybe you know, which Kinnikinnick bread are they using?



  3. I was at the City Centre location today, no gluten free....told me only the 112 st Jasper location had gluten free.

  4. "I was at the City Centre location today, no gluten free....told me only the 112 st Jasper location had gluten free."

    I also made this mistake today.

  5. I only had 1/2 hr for lunch and really wanted a sandwich (i don't always have time to make lunch) i stood in line to get a sandwich at the city centre pressed location after about 10-15 minutes it was my turn at the till so i orderd a chicken sandwich on gf bread i was told all they have is pre made gf sandwiches to avoid contamination ok and its some hot spicy chicken sandwich? I don't know about you but I have wheat intolerance/celiacs (undergoing testing etc at this point) and IBS so why on earth would a GF sandwich the only option be the three alarm spiciest sandwich they have for people with digestion etc. issues? REALLY??!! so I mentioned this being preposterous as they have what 20 different options with 3+ bread choices for everyone else but nope I was told they can't make accommodations for someone with a Gluten intolerance 'cus then he would have to make accommodations for everyone else.
    I think he's (the manager) is accommodating everyone else but being unreasonable.inflexible but just having the sign up saying he has GF sandwiches to say that he has them. I was livid/on the verge of tears/ready to throw something..probably hungry.

    Please take Pressed sandwiches off this list as they do NOT offer GF food are not accommodating to those with such needs. Worse they are demeaning to those who have a gluten intolerance and say so. It's not a choice like saying hold the pickles I don't want soggy bread.


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