Gluten Free Pizza at Pizzeria Prego in Edmonton

Located in the south end of Edmonton, Pizzeria Prego is quite the hidden gem for pizza in general, let alone their gluten free pizza.

Pizzeria Prego was one of the first restaurants in Edmonton to serve a gluten free pizza.  They originally were serving a Kinnikinnick pizza crust.  However they have now since taken the next step and have began making their own gluten free crust.  This is a fantastic idea because it now gives pizza lovers a different restaurant option that doesn't serve a gluten free crust from Kinnikinnick.  It also allows Pizzeria Prego to not have to charge extra for their gluten free crust.

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Pizzeria Prego
Lendrum Place Mall
5860 - 111 Street, Edmonton, AB
T6H 3G1
Phone 1: 780-439-7734
Phone 2: 780-436-5050

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  1. It's good pizza, hell, it's great pizza. Take out only - if you have it delivered it'll take 2 hours and be ice cold on arrival. Not cool.

  2. This is fantastic pizza. My husband and I live in Sherwood Park and Prego won't deliver that far, but it's worth the drive. I've been gfree almost a year, but my husband isn't and even he loves their pizza!

  3. I loveeeee the pizzza
    It's just too good

  4. I loveee the pizza place to good um um um um

  5. Looks like a nice thin crust. Would love to try it when we're in town.

  6. I have been here a few times, and do enjoy the pizza. They do have a few tables, but I wouldn't call it fine dining... but would say it is very family friendly.

    I have taken my kids there and the guy working there (probably the owner) turned the TV on for my kids ( a special treat for them) to an age appropriate channel, and another time invited them to watch him make their pizza.... he was very friendly..... and I really really enjoy the pizza

  7. Thank you for this--my daughter (8) was just diagnosed and we are moving to Edm this summer. I am thrilled to find "hidden gems" like this!

  8. The best Gluten Free Pizza in Edmonton!

  9. I didn't think it was that great - the GF crust was a bit tasteless, and the toppings were very skimpy. However, we did get the pizzas through a Groupon deal, so maybe they weren't as good because we got them so cheap.

  10. Worst pizza ever and absolutely garbage service. If you ask any questions all you get is attitude instead of answers.

    I am surprised to see people actually like it.


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