Shop Ed's Gluten Free Store in Edmonton (NO LONGER IN BUSINESS)

Ed's Gluten Free Store closed its doors on June 17, 2012.  Please click here to read the announcement from Ed's via Facebook.

We are sad to see this wonderful dedicated gluten free store close its doors and hope Ed continues to be part of the Celiac community in other ways.

Please be aware there are two other dedicated gluten free stores still open in Edmonton:

Click here for a full list of where you can shop gluten free in Edmonton.


Ed's Gluten Free Store is a fantastic gluten free store to shop at in Edmonton.  We try to make it out to the store every few weeks to see what type of new gluten free products they have!

Store Location:
Suite #103, 9303 - 34 Ave

Edmonton, Ab

Feedback from others supports Ed's Gluten Free Store as one of the best places in the city to shop gluten free. They are well equipped with the knowledge about Celiac and gluten free products.  They also know the products they have very well and can offer suggestions on what to try.  Ed's Gluten Free not only carries the big gluten free brand names such as Kinnikinnick, Glutino and El Peto but also have a wide selection of unique brands not found in regular stores.  They also carry fresh pastries and quiches from La Crema Caffe in St. Albert.

I also recently learned that Ed's Gluten Free Store is expanding and will be opening up in Vancouver!

Have you shopped at Ed's Gluten Free Store?  Let us know what you bought and what you thought of the store!


  1. Love this store! Great selection... Delicious gluten free brownies!

  2. Thanks for the feedback, I hope to have a chance to visit soon!

  3. Ed's is the best Gluten free store in the whole City. I have shopped around at every possible place and he has the best selection. For anyone that hasn't tried his store yet I suggest you get in there soon. Once you do you will regret not visiting his store sooner.

  4. Love the store! Love the staff! Always have samples out to try. Always bringing in new items! We always go for the O'Dough's bread. It's our favorite.

  5. From what I've been told, they are one the first (possibly the only) place in town that carries Udi's bread (I wont go back to what I was having before!) Gluten free things I've NEVER seen anywhere else before can be found at Ed's!

    I agree with those who mentioned that if you haven't been, make time- you'll regret not going sooner:)

  6. Its true! We even found some new stuff to try when we went this weekend. They also carry La Cremma Cafe fresh pastries!

  7. udi bread!!!! amazing

  8. Summerside Save on Foods carry Udi's. I'm sure the rest do too.

  9. This store is amazing! The best variety I've seen in a long time, anyone that hasn't been to it and is looking for gluten free foods definitely needs to check it out

  10. We shop at ED's all the time! Love Udi's bread and muffins. We also love the perogies, Caesar's lasagna and of course anything from Le Crema.

  11. Now they are expanding to put a bakery in the back of the store.


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