Some Great Gluten Free Takeout in Edmonton (2020)

Well we are wrapping up the year and Amanda and I have been off for the winter break and wanted to treat ourselves to some takeout lunches.  Here are a couple places we hit up around Edmonton.

Oodles Noodle
Franchise founded right here in Edmonton has gluten free options listed on their menu.  Just make sure you say you require gluten free so they can make the modifications required.  The location we go to has gluten free Kikkoman tamari to replace any soy sauce ingredients.  We really enjoyed the Pad Thai made gluten free.  Amanda for sure wants it again.

The Burger Priest
Another chain, but they carry gluten free and Keto buns.  Both are different.  They will also lettuce wrap your buns and have a dedicated fryer for French fries.

Love Pizza
A local pizza that has delicious pizza's.  Amanda's favourite is the gluten free Q.  They also have vegan cheese.  They have a few locations in Edmonton.  We usually go downtown because we love the vibe, but because we got takeout, we went to the location at Rabbit Hill Rd., Which for us is easier to get too from the henday.