Thank you to everyone for pushing yourself to be awesome during the COVID-19 pandemic

Essential Services = Thank you

I want to give a HUGE thank you to everyone in the food services industry, including our bakers and grocery shopping centres, in Edmonton, across Canada and everywhere.

This is no dought this is a difficult time for everyone.  These business owners and their staff are putting themselves out there to serve us safely and with kindness.

There are many small businesses beginning to reinvent themselves, and I thank them for that.  In this time of uncertainty, some are finding positive opportunities!

Some are able to succeed as they were, and others are pushing their boundaries of how they do business.  Simon Sinek published a great YouTube video about how this is not unprecedented times in terms of businesses being pushed to change.  Things are having to change at a faster pace than the past, but changes like this have happened.  He talked about how Netflix didn't put video stores out of business, its the video stores that could not grapple with the change in delivery of service. Business are facing the same challenges today.  How do they adapt?

I'm so proud to see so many different companies take this challenge as an opportunity.

When I see a small business like the owners of MyFries, take on this challenge as an opportunity, it makes me smile.  Not only do they have to overcome the delivery of their food, but the quality of their food.  They know that their product does not travel well.  So what do they do?  They re-group!  They come up with a solution, providing you the same product, but in a "heat and eat" way.  Product is served frozen, for you to take home and heat up, so you do not get a soggy product.

I even like the innovations of some of our favorite chains like Earl's.  Knowing how hard it is to get groceries for some, they are offering small grocery packs!  Why not?  They have the supply chain to do this!  What a great innovation in what they offer to help others out.

Other places like the Royal Coach Dining Room at the Chateau Louis are starting to put together meal packs for the family, which I think should have been something that every restaurant has for takeout.  But this change has driven the need.  Most recently, Chef Soles is selling buckets of gluten free fried chicken!

Then you have the kind hearts and will of other small business owners like Najah at Rio Vida Gluten Free Bakery and Dave at Ben's Meat & Deli that are continuing to bring smiles to everyone's face by keeping gluten free goodness available for the community.  They know people rely on their products, and they continue to to push forward.

Even bigger bakers like Kinnikinnick, knowing they have the distribution and production to delivery not only in Edmonton, but country wide and through north america is upping the delivery game.  Reminding everyone locally and across Canada that they can order their product direct from their website.  In times where shelves are being cleared out, what a way to fill your pantry with gluten free goods like cookies, gluten free mixes, breads and more than to just order a box load straight from the manufacturer.

Even with these amazing innovations, and willingness to push on with their generosity, these business like all others are still going to struggle.  Which is why I want to thank them for pushing forward.  Reminder everyone to stay safe!  And to our followers, if you can help out.

I'm doing my best to help out.  As you may know already, I am trying to keep a list of places to grab takeout, delivery or pickup of gluten free products and meals: