A new way of doing business after COVID19, is family meals the future of takeout?

Family Meals, the future of take out.  Photo of plates of food.

One thing that I hope comes out of all this craziness is a new way of doing takeout.  I've been singing my praises to those business innovating the takeout and delivery experience.

As a consumer we did not do much takeout, because quite frankly there are only some genre of foods that are worth while for takeout.  If the meals were not in family meal type servings, like pizza, Indian food, or Chinese food, we didn't do take out.

What I love seeing now is quite a few places introduce family packs.  So you aren't ordering a bunch of individual meals for takeout that usually don't end up quite as good the time you get it home.  But you end up with a very purposeful family meal from places that would not otherwise have that option.

We have already tried out Royal Coach Dining Room at the Chateau Louis Hotel buckets of chicken.  I plan on trying the family meal at Little Village.  High Level Diner has frozen family meal packs, that includes a gluten free meal option.  We've even seen Pasta Pantry in Sherwood Park offer home meal kits (they have told me they have gluten free options available as well).  I really love these ideas for families that would not typically eat out, but can find a reasonably priced meal for the family at a restaurant.

I really don't want this to go away, I want this to be the new normal.  I think this can be good for everyone!