Going Big Gluten Free in the Royal Coach Dining Room at the Chateau Louis Hotel

So by now everyone knows that the Royal Coach Dining Room at the Chateau Louis Hotel has a gluten free prime rib buffet every Saturday night!

But there are two new big ideas that are happening now!

First, Chef Lorne Soles received a GF Verified status from the Gluten Free Food Program.  GF-Verified gluten-free certification indicates an establishment produces both gluten-containing and gluten-free food options.

Second, now that he has the verified status, he has added more and more gluten free times to eat.  Just about every special meal from New Years Eve to Valentines Day is served up gluten free.

More recently Chef Soles has added a gluten free three course meal every Friday evening!

I have been to the buffet once when he first started it several years ago and really enjoyed it!  I hope to go again and maybe get some live music from Julians Piano Bar!

It is definitely recommended to make reservations for either the gluten free buffet especially when he puts fried chicken on the menu!  Something that I really want to check out!