Sometimes you just gotta do it yourself to be safe

This really isn't a bad story, but just a sometimes truth when eating out at restaurants when you have any type of dietary restriction, intolerance or allergy.

I recently went for lunch at Joey's, and right now I am eating the FODMAP elimination diet to figure out what has been bothering my stomach.  Gluten free was the easiest part because of Amanda's Celiac Diagnosis over 10 years ago.  So when I was asked to eat gluten free for this elimination diet, no problem.  Resources were already there for us ✅!

Now a whole whack of other foods were being eliminated and reintroduced.  So this recent visit to Joeys had me personally frustrated.  Not at the restaurant, just at the situation.  The menu described delicious dishes.  But each dish had one, two or 3 things I couldn't have in it, or needed to be modified.  Including the salad dressing.  That I took into my own hands, because I wanted to, to be safe:

I have had such a hard time totally eliminating all the foods.  Especially onion and garlic.  Like gluten, it is in everything!  That means having to make a lot of things from scratch.  So I did that, on the spot in the restaurant, and Joey's was happy to help out.  They brought me 4 dishes:

1. Balsamic
2. Olive Oil
3. Dijon
4. Empty

Took a bit of each into the empty, added some salt and pepper and just made my own dressing with no dairy, no gluten, no garlic, no onion.