"You Just ate a death cookie!" - Celiac Disease made a special guest appearance on TV!

It is not everyday Celiac Disease makes its way onto TV without being the butt end of a joke.  In a episode titled "Nurses Day" of The Resident on Fox (Season 3), Celiac Disease became a focal point of one of the medical cases. Well, maybe not the focal point, but one of the causes of a patients issue.

A horse jockey came into the ER with a broken bone.  After x-rays they determined he had low bone density that was causing easy bone breaks.  The doctors could not figure out what was happening.

That was until his wife passed by some cookies in the ER and turned to her husband and said "You ate a death cookie!". 

What was determined was that this patient that already knew they had Celiac Disease was purposely eating cookies with gluten to flare up their Celiac and get ill in hopes of losing weight.  That part is the "uggg don't go their with Celiac Disease".  However Dr. Pravesh explained that every time the patient ate gluten, his body could not absorb proper nutrients, which was causing his bones to become weak and more frail.  Which makes total sense for Celiac Disease. 

Amanda's nutrient deficiency was iron, and she was always sleepy until she was diagnosed and cut off gluten.

I recorded part of the scene off my phone where they find out that the patient was cheating on his gluten free diet and sacrificing his Celiac Disease for his career.  Check it out below.