#sponsoredpost Simply Supper has gluten free meal prep dinners in Edmonton

Let me start off saying, if you are already a Simply Supper customer then I have a great news!  Use the coupon code Gfree20 at www.simplysupper.ca for $20 off your next pick up or assembly purchase (expires end of March 2019)!  If you are not a customer, you will want to use the coupon code for your first experience!  Hopefully you will be hooked like us.

I also want to say that although this particular post is a sponsored post, we have been paying customers for years picking up and assembling gluten free meals at their south Edmonton location!  We were not given anything for free for our previous posts.  However, Simply Supper invited us to come in with our family to assemble 6 gluten free meals of our choice this month.  And at the end, they threw in a few extras.

So what is Simply Supper?  Well before Chef's Table, and before Hello Fresh, there was Simply Supper.  A store front (two locations in Edmonton) meal prep service.  You can assemble (gluten free) meals and freeze them for when you need them. We usually have one a week. 

South side location on Rabbit Hill Road
So how does it work? Visit www.simplysupper.ca, click on menu and see the current months menu.  Each meal is labeled if it is gluten free, can be made gluten free, or if it CANNOT be made gluten free.  Click on Book Session when you are ready.  Fill out the form and choose your options such as, assemble or a pick up.  Choose how you want your gluten free options handled - assembled as is, free gluten free substitutes such as rice for pasta, or pay a little extra for a direct substitute like gluten free pasta.  NOTE:  You are not charged extra when you require a gluten free flour or a substitute gluten free sauce.

What your menu looks like when you arrive
This is our menu card that you post to a fridge so you can assemble your meals!  The Earl Grey Salmon is amazing!

This is what the prep stations look like.  All really clean.  Wipes at each station for cleaning. Separate measuring spoons for each ingredients.  Simply Supper has cut up any veggies and put all the correct size measuring cups with each one.  They also put the ingredients in order from left to right to aling with their instructions.  And staff are always happy to help!  Need a gluten free substitute?  Just as the staff, and they will bring you the gluten free flour.

Stations are clearly label if a meal is gluten free

or if a station needs a gluten free substitute.

Assembly is fun for little helpers!

They have introduced new substitutes that anyone can enjoy at no charge like cauliflower rice!

This is what an assembled meal looks like before it goes into the freezer.  The ziploc bags have cooking directions on them.  Read them carefully.  Usually you need to take the meal out of the freezer two days before.  Some of them you cook from frozen!

This was some of the bonuses we got.  They have a standing gluten free brownie you can purchase as an add on!  They also have gluten free protein balls.  We also tried out one of their add on sides.  Can't go wrong with green beans and Parmesan.

Hope you all enjoy! Remember to use the coupon code Gfree20 until the end of March 2019