What Canada's new food guide means to those diagnosed with Celiac Disease and require a gluten free diet

Canada's most recent Food Guide was released at the end of January 2019.

The guide has a focus on balance.  A balance of not only with what you eat, but the balance between eating nutritious food and activity.   It looks like portion control is less of a focus, rather than the balance of what you are eating between fruits & vegetables, protein foods, and whole grains.

Health Canada now divides your plate of food as 50% fruits & vegetables, 25% protein foods (not limited to just meat), and 25% whole grains (not limited to just wheat).  The guide talks about preparing foods on your own more and buying less processed foods. 

Eating less processed foods might already be a common practice by many of you.  As common practice you may have already been making more foods from scratch and not eating out as much as a necessity!  So in some sense, some people living with Celiac Disease might be ahead of the curve with eating less processed foods.

With that being said, the guide does not have that much information if you are on any special diets, such as the gluten free diet.  The Canadian Celiac Association consulted dietitians to see what this balanced diet means to people with Celiac Disease and require a gluten free diet.

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