Why should I use gluten free cosmetics, shampoos and creams

So this is not actually a topic we talk about much on our blog.  But it is relevant and a personal choice for some people to only use gluten free cosmetics and lotions.

So why would someone choose to do this?

Well, I know it sounds silly but there can be accidental consumption.  If cross contamination in a deep fryer would cause harm, is it fair to say that lipstick containing gluten could accidentally be digested?  Or eating a finger food after using a lotion that contains gluten?

In my opinion, it really isn't a far stretch.

After starting the Gluten Free Edmonton Support group on Facebook, it didn't take long for someone to ask this?

And guess what?  people really responded with what they use, because if you were thinking about gluten free shampoos, so were others!  And those others are there to support you.

So check out this Facebook Group post and see what others had to say.