Coop working with Cloud 9 for gluten cookie mix

This was a pretty good find at a Coop store in Edmonton.

Coop's brand Gold now has a gluten free cookie mix available that is certified gluten free and kosher.  Reading over the package I noticed that Coop is actually working with a Canadian Bakery Cloud 9 Specialty Bakery based in British Columbia to produce this mix.

What a great idea to support local business in Canada.

We have never tried the Cloud 9 flour, but we have purchased their gluten free granola bar mix from Costco in the past and have really enjoyed it in the past.  Unfortunately we haven't seen it on shelves for a long time.

With that being said we were excited to try this.  Amanda made a batch of the cookies on the weekend and was very impressed.

When we posted about this on feedback some others let us know that they find the Cloud 9 gf flour mix gritty.  We didn't find these cookies to be gritty.  In fact we found that very soft and chewy.  Which is what made Amanda love them so much.

Hope everyone can enjoy these delicious Coop Gold gluten free cookies made by Cloud 9.