Making Dessert from Dessert - Gluten Free Edition

I posted these gluten free cake pops a while ago on Facebook and thought this should be a blog post about making dessert from dessert.  Someone kind of laughed at me when I said my mother'n'law made these pop cakes from left over cake.  Mainly because they couldn't believe there would ever be left over desserts.

But guess what when my mother'n'law puts out a spread she puts out a spread!  Especially for special occasions.  We'd all be waddling out of their house if we ate everything.  She has an intricate system of baking, freezing and re-purposing to give new life.

I know we shouldn't have this problem, but especially when it comes to expensive gluten free baking items, this is an important tip to save you money and stretch out some desserts that might got fully eaten.

These gluten free pop cakes were made with half a left over cake.  All she did was take the leftover cake that was in the freezer and put it in a food processor with two tablespoons of pink icing and ran it until it got the the right consistency that she could mold them into balls.

She then drizzled them with white chocolate and let them settle.

This basically saved a cake that might have been in the freezer too long and dried up.