How much did you spend on gluten free foods last year?

Well that is a wrap to 2017!  But all the shopping and all the eating will continue on n 2018.

Because we do save receipts so Amanda can claim the Celiac Expense for the gluten free foods purchased, it allows us to see how much we are actually spending on gluten free foods and where we are shopping for some of these goods.

We certainly shop at a lot of places during the year!  In total we went to 18 different stores to buy gluten free products, and spent over $1,300 on gluten free foods such as breads, buns, flours, snacks and so on for the year.

Where we spent

Not surprisingly Kinnikinnick Foods is where we spent most of our budget because we buy all of our gluten free all purpose flour, pancake mix and bread crumbs by the case at the Kinnikinnick Fresh store.  We also buy most of our gluten free bread and buns from the store, but those are not as frequent.

It also doesn't surprise me that Costco, Superstore and RioVida Gluten Free Bakery is where we spend more at.  We often buy gluten free pasta and chips at Costco, and most of our pizza crusts, and specialty breads are from RioVida.  Superstore is just where we do most of our general shopping.

Safeway, is next in line because they almost always have the gluten free Bisquick in stock, and we buy that for our waffles and stock up when on sale.

Where do you spend most of your gluten free budget?

What we bought?

This next chart tells a different story and shows what we spent our gluten free budget on.  As you can see a lot of it is on the gluten free pancake mix and all purpose gluten free flours that we purchase at the Kinnikinnick store.  This chart shows how expensive some gluten free products can be.  We bought gluten free breadcrumbs and stuffing once this year, but it shows up as a pretty high dollar value.  Its because it is so expensive in comparison to some of the other items.

What products have you purchased the most?