Treats for this years Halloween 2017

It is certainly hard to find gluten free treats to give out for Halloween.  You usually just read labels and look for no gluten ingredients, or no may contains.  But not many halloween treats are labelled gluten free.

I'm going to start a list here, and I encourage you to email me a photo at of any other Halloween treats you find labelled gluten free.

Enjoy Life - gluten free chocolate crunch - Also nut free!
Should be found at Safeway, Sobey's and Superstore

YumEarth - gluten free gummy candy - Also nut free!
Found at Winners

Sunkist Fruit Snacks - Also nut free
Found at most stores
Suggested by Sharleen!

Tootsie products - including tootsie roll
Found at most stores

Read Tootsie's FAQ which has a gluten free statement.  And then check out all the gluten free candies they have!

Found all over

Check out Rockets gluten free statement.