Gluten-free pizza at Vaticano Cucina

This is totally a guest blog post from Kevin! Thanks for sharing!

I just wanted to make you aware of the gluten-free pizza at Vaticano Cucina. My girlfriend is recently gluten sensitive and we've had trouble finding a pizza place that has good gluten free crust. Vaticano's GF pizza crust is incredible, and as someone who doesn't have to eat GF, I really do enjoy their GF crust.

gluten-free carbonara
Thank you for sharing Kevin!

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  1. Looks great, but as always with any GF pizza, the big unanswered question is: Is it safe for celiacs? (i.e. no cross-contamination)?

  2. So, I messaged the restaurant directly to get an answer to my question about whether there is cross-contamination and whether their food is safe for celiacs. Here's what they replied:

    "Absolutely we take extra precautions. When are you thinking of coming I will make sure to be there personally. We also have a deep fryer that is separate for gluten intolerances. But, yes we take special precautions."

    When I asked for further explanation of 'special precautions', I got this reply:

    "Just make sure to ensure you tell your server. So let's say you order a pasta. It's made in a completely different part of the kitchen and different pans, etc. For pizza our pizzaolo wears gloves and puts it in a pan and ensures there is no cross contamination. As you know, there's a huge difference between gluten intolerance and celiac. When you tell your server our head chef watches to ensure that there is absolutely no contamination. We have a few family members that are celiac so we take extra precautions."

    So that all sounds excellent--will definitely be trying them out soon!


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