You won't believe what we found inside this gluten free turkey roast

In the past we've bought Granny's gluten free slow cooker turkey roasts, and have really enjoyed them.  They are marked gluten free and everything!  A while back I picked up another one at Safeway, found in the deli section in the freezer.  Very little shelf space so you have to pay attention closely to the freezer to see them.

Some time after we decided to make it!  So in the morning, I setup the slowcooker, put the turkey in and let it ride.

When Amanda cut into the gluten free turkey roast she was in disbelief when she found stuffing inside!


She made me recheck the photo, because she thought I picked up the wrong package.  But really, it was gluten free, and it WAS gluten free stuffing inside!  Granny's uses a gluten free corn bread stuffing.  So how bout that?


  1. Which Safeway did you pick this up at?

    1. Callingwood market Location. It was in the standing freezer in the middle of the aisle beside the butterball turkey. Very little shelf space, so it is easy to miss.

  2. Thank you! I'll have to check it out tomorrow!!

  3. I live in Calgary and I haven't seen either the gluten-free with stuffing or the regular Granny's slowcooker turkey roast in Safeway, Sobeys or Save-on-Foods in at least 6 months.


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