Gluten Free Nut Free Candy from Dare

Licorice is probably one of the hardest candies to find gluten free.  As an alternative, I suggest checking out candy from Dare.  Dare seems to be sensitive to all sorts of allergies and has pretty good labeling on their packages.

We recently went on a trip to Toronto to visit family.  We have two young kids that really don't know how to chew gum to help with the air pressure at take off and landing, so I thought to seek out some candy.  One of our daughters has a nut allergy, and nut free candy is REALLY hard to find.  Probably harder to find than candy made without gluten.  I wanted something chewy that they wouldn't be able to go through quickly, so I picked up these Jubes made by Dare clearly labelled peanut free, no artificial flavours, and gluten free.

I know candy is not ideal for everyone, but heck, I have such a sweet tooth, I am happy to have these in the house knowing they are safe both for Amanda and her Celiac, and my daughters nut allergy.