Sweet Baby Ray's Gluten Free BBQ Sauce

Our biggest issue with Costco is frequency of having an item in stock.  One week you found your favourite sauce, the next week they don't carry it anymore.

That would be the case with the last BBQ sauce we were using.  Infact, not only are they not carrying the BBQ sauce, but they actually do not have ANY BBQ sauces in stock.

When we had pork ribs on the menu for the week and needed more sauce, I knew Costco was out of the questions.  Hopefully in summer they restock.  I guess they don't understand that in Alberta, we BBQ all year round!

So I turned to Superstore.  They had a bunch of BBQ sauces, including one of the sauces we buy at Costco, just a smaller bottle and more expensive.  So I decided to try something new.  I noticed the Sweet Baby Ray's "The Sauce is the Boss!" is labelled gluten free.  I hadn't heard anything good or bad about the sauce, so I really didn't know what to expect.

And the results?  I really enjoyed it.  I bought the regular and the Honey.  They had one other flavour.  The sauce was not too sweet, nor was it too tangy.  It was kind of just right.  It goes for about 2.50 to 3 bucks a bottle.  I really do recommend this sauce!