Woodvale Community Facility and Millwoods Golf Centre

We recently attended a wedding at the Woodvale Community Facility at the Millwoods Golf Centre.  We were not sure what to expect catering wise.  When I RSVP'd I asked my friend if there would be a gluten free meal option for Amanda, and if not, that would be okay.  We were prepared to make due.  My friend got back to us saying the Chef will have something ready for her, and to just check in with him upon arrival.

The buffet was gorgeous and made up of several different salads, potatoes, veggies, chicken and a carving station for roast beef.

As tables were preparing to get their dinners, Amanda went to speak with the Chef.  He asked her to hold on a moment and that he personally prepared her meal.  We were very impressed.  To Amanda's delight she got nothing different that was at the buffet, minus a few things like a pasta salad and perogies.

Before the food was put out, the Chef prepared Amanda's movie.  He made sure her meal was uncontaminated, and made some adjustment where needed.  She got a plate off all the salads except for the pasta salad and a package of Litehouse gluten free dressing.  We assume the dressing prepared in the tossed salad was not gluten free.  He also prepared the roast beef for her, with a different gravy as the gravy at the table was once again probably not gluten free.  And finally, below, a gluten free cake slice with fruit!  YES!

It as an honour to be invited to our friends wedding, and celebrate her special day, and just a bonus that Amanda had a delicious meal.

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