Burger Priest Answers Your Gluten Free Prayers

One of our friends would talk about this burger joint in Toronto she would visit for a great gluten free burger.  Every visit we made to Toronto, we'd never quite make it down to the joint.  Great news is that The Burger Priest now has a location in Edmoton.  Downtown to be specific at Jasper Ave. and 109 Street, beside the Kyoto Japan.

The Burger Priest has two menus.  It has their regular menu, and their secret menu, which they say is the worst kept secret.  Needless to say their menu is a bit whimsical on religion like the Religious Hypocryte, which is their veggie burger topped with bacon.

Their website also has great information in their FAQ section about their gluten free options to help you make the decision if the burger priest is a place where you want to eat.  To round it off, they full out say they are unable to guarantee no cross contamination. They do say:

  1. They have a dedicated fryer for fries
  2. No filling in their burgers but cooked on the same grill as other contaminated items
  3. Their chili does not contain gluten
  4. They have a gluten free bun (when we visited it was from All But Gluten)
  5. They will also lettuce wrap the burger for you

During our first visit, Amanda decided she wanted to try the Red Sea burger which was topped with their very tasty chili.  We took a second take at the hamburger, because we had never seen the All But Gluten bun.  The bun was larger than their standard bun and looked fluffy, so we thought they put the wrong burger on in the gluten free bun.  But we were certainly mistaken and pleased because the All But Gluten bun was pretty damn awesome and went well with the Red Sea burger.  Their fries were really addictive too, and we were happy they are done in a dedicated fryer.  We basically shared a fry order because they are pretty large, and shared a milk shake as well (not the malted shake).

We will probably visit the Burger Priest again!

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